Our Services


● Penetration Test and Vulnerability Assessment: Our security team is diverse and is capable of conducting penetration test and vulnerability assessment.
● SIEM and Orchestration: We have industry skills of setting up Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, orchestration technology, and we train on the usage of these technologies.
● Incident Response as a Service: We provide Incident Response services. Our experienced analysts are willing to help investigate and respond to incidents that happen in your organisation, they are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to remediate threats that affect your business.


With experience in setting up and configuring several virtualization technologies, our team can help you plan and identify the basic hardware requirements for your virtualization needs. We have professionals who are experts in Google Compute Engine, VMWare, Hyper-V, Nutanix, and XenServer.
Our services are tailored to both small and large budgets.
● Cloud computing: Clients looking for 24/7 power supply, public IP address, stability, and does not want to purchase the hardware can pay a rental fee to take advantage of cloud computing to get up and running in the shortest time possible with a little fee.
● On-premise virtualization without commercial licence: If you have a considerable budget and can afford hardware and 24/7 electricity but do not want to spend money on a commercial virtualization platform, you are covered in our plan too.
● On-premise virtualization with commercial licence: Clients with a large enough budget to buy the complete hardware with fully licenced virtualization platform and provide 24/7 electricity for herself can take our services and we will set everything up to full capacity.


We design efficient and cost effective networks to meet organisational and home needs. Our engineers plan and implement network requirements with security in mind.
Our network engineers are mandated to carry out vulnerability assessment on any network they set up to meet up with global security standards.
Networking services include:
● Office network and office automation
● Home networks


We support organisations to build, upgrade, and maintain their IT infrastructure.
● Software design: We design and upgrade existing software to support business needs. We provide support for the software and throughout its lifespan. We design web, desktop, and mobile applications.
● Enterprise email: Enterprise email addresses contain the domain name of your organisation, this makes your organisation appear more professional, easily recognisable and allows easy communication between the staff.
With a registered domain name we create seamless communication and collaboration for your organisation.
● Procurement: Based on the requirement that is needed for optimal performance, our expert analysts help with the most cost effective recommendations of solutions to support business processes.